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We at Choppavapes are extremely grateful for all the love and support we receive from you guys ad as a way of representing the brand, we now have some amazing merchandise available. Whether you want a T Shirt or a battery case, a sticker or even a keyring we have all that and more available. We even stock exclusive mech mods with our branding on a limited basis, to be the envy of your friends. We truly appreciate all of your support and we put as much effort into our merchandise as we do in every other area of our service. So expect high quality products that reflect our passion to you.

Why not represent Choppavapes today with our merchandise and show us on social media.


Clean Cloth


Choppa Vapes Pens



Choppa Vapes Beanies


Evey put your vape, keys, and glasses down then forget where you put them these choppa vapes lanyards will come in hand Coming with a detachable clip making it easier to use.


Looking for something to store your tanks instead of shoving them in a drawer then look no further these Choppa Vapes tank stands are perfect for keeping them tidy. Coming in 6 different colors Black Red Blue Purple Gold Silver


Choppa Vapes Wrist Band


Choppa Vape Keyring


Choppa Vape Stickers


Style & Convenience    


Choppa T-Shirts Promotion


Battery Case


Protect Your Glass