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Orange is a wonderful fruit that is enjoyed in a whole host of different ways, with plenty of goodness packed in.  the fruit, which gave the colour its name, has been around for over 2000 years and has been enjoyed across multiple cultures.  What started in China, it spread all over Europe during the 1300s and has remained one of the most popular fruits.  The citrus and juicy fruit is amazing when eaten in its natural form but can be used in juice and beverages, cuisine (including its skin), scents and beauty products and can be used as a natural deterrment for cats and mosquitos to name but a couple.  The orange is iconic in its looks, just a big round ball with a striking colour making it one of the most recognisable fruits today.  The fruit / colour even inspired a global telecommunications company that has become synonymous with more than just mobile phones.


Orange flavoured E-Liquids are strong and deep in flavour with both sweet and natural versions making the fruit come to life.  Orange is a fantastic stand-alone version and it really enhances other fruits or desserts, meaning it is an extremely refreshing taste no matter how you enjoy it.  Some of the more popular versions of it are the sweet beverage versions but you can also enjoy a more natural flavour with slightly tart undertones in a fresher version of the recipe.  Here at Choppavapes we have ensured all of our orange flavoured E-Juices are fresh and delightful and as real as the can get.

If you want a flavour that is instantly recognisable and mouth wateringly delicious then why not pick up a bottle of our Orange E-Juice today.


A classic take on the popular Hawaiian punch drink, freshly cut pineapples, Sharp Oranges finished off with Guava to give you the most tantalizing taste.


Fanta-stic Fruit Twist- A juicy blast of fruity flavours and fruit juice mixed to quench the taste buds! Perfect for when you haven't got the fizzy pop to hand.


The fizzy orange drink we all know and love made with fresh sweet oranges finished off with that icy blast we all love!


The sugar coated sweets bursting with a little more blackcurrant.


Ultra Fresh Oranges and Lime Mixed With an Ice Blast to Quench Your Thirst and Tantalise Your Tastebuds!