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Marshmallow is the wonderfully sweet and fluffy treat that has captured the hearts of everyone around the world. The confectionery giant, made from sugar, water and gelatin is a big white ball of fun and enjoyment that has remained popular for hundreds of years, with them created in some form or another all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Modern days, they are widely used and enjoyed for a whole host of different reasons. You can find them as a sweet by themselves, used in desserts or combined with chocolate, in ice cream, beverages, the possibility is endless. Traditionally in the west they are a symbol of camping, with them being roasted over a fire.

Marshmallow flavoured E-Liquids are wonderfully light and sweet with plenty of potential to amplify a flavour far beyond its simplistic taste. As a stand alone it is often thought of being too sweet and as such it is instead blended together with other sweet style flavours to give you a light and enjoyable experience. It is fantastic when mixed with baked or dessert style recipes and the sweet light tones of marshmallow really shine through. We at Choppavapes have utilised marshmallow to enhance plenty of different flavours to give you the very best on the market.

So if you want a light and sweet dessert style flavour then why not pick up a bottle of our Marshmallow flavoured E-Juice today.


Got a sweet tooth? A fusion of strawberries, watermelon and a hint of kiwi is sure to please.


Snap, crackle and pop gently folded with that sticky sweet marshmallow.