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Grape is an exquisite and widely used fruit that has a multiple of uses spanning hundreds of years. Originating in the middle east, roughly 6000-8000 years ago, it is one of the most commonly known fruits simply for its ability to be so adaptable in a various of ways. It is the prime ingredient in making wine, can be found in desserts, beverages and even used as a sweet addition to savoury and fresh meals. You can find Grape sweets, drinks and even ice cream , all providing a different and distinctive flavour. Whether you enjoy the real thing, the flavour or even the wine it makes, there is no mistaking how wonderful the grape is.

Grape flavoured E-Liquids are strong and distinct and are packed with plenty of sweet flavour. You can find the more fresh version in a medley of different fruits or find the sweet version as a stand alone. It really is a fantastic flavour if you love strong and unique flavours with nothing much else like it on the market. Grape flavoured E-juices are an amazing stand alone flavour and here at Choppavapes we have ensured that they are as authentic and delicious as you would expect.

If you love grapes, you can’t go wrong picking up a Grape flavoured E-Liquid today.


Grape soda has had a power up with a few secret ingredients and finishing with that icy blast we all love!


A mix of bold grapes sweetened with a very slight cool exhale, a delicious sweet and fruity vape.