Vaping for beginners – Where to start two easy steps

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Mods, pods and… confusion!


With the Stoptober campaign celebrating its 10th year this October, we thought we would put together a helpful guide for anyone looking to make that change with no idea where to start!


Vaping (or e-cigarette) terms can be VERY confusing (we’ve all been there!) so we have tried to simplify the journey into two steps for anyone looking to transition from smoking.


One: Choose your starter kit!

This is probably one of the most important stages as you want to get a kit that tailors your vaping experience to the one you are satisfied with. As a new vaper, we recommend a pen-style kit, as these are designed with newbies in mind! They are extremely easy to use, charge and refill.


Many pen-style kits can be altered to replicate the throat hit of a cigarette. If this is important to you, you need to make sure your kit has an adjustable airflow. Without this, you will be limited to the hit the manufacture has preset.


A second element to consider when choosing your kit is the materials the coils for your device are made from. This is important because it will determine how long your coil will last (before needing to buy a replacement), how well it will perform, and how compatible it is with your e-liquid! As a guideline, the most popular and effective coil is typically made with mesh.


Finally, if you’re a heavy user on the cigarettes it would be beneficial to you to purchase a kit with an internal battery of 1200-1500mAh. This level of power means you will be able to use your e-cigarette regularly throughout the day without needing to recharge.


Adjustable airflow – A toggle, or the ability to twist a section of your device, choosing the amount of air intake into the coil. The amount of airflow you let into your kit dictates the flavour intensity and hit you take in.


Coil – The heating element that is responsible for making your e-liquid turning into vapour.


Two: E-liquid time (our personal favourite!)

Now, this is our speciality! We didn’t get voted Top Rated Juice Manufacturer 2019/20 for nothing!


Yes, you guessed it, when choosing your e-liquid you once again have different factors to consider (it’s not just about the flavour)!


Most starter kits will work best with a 50:50 ratio of VG:PG. What on earth does this mean, right? These are the ingredients that make up the base of your liquid. These ratios can be found on the packaging of all e-liquids.


Next, you want to decide your nicotine strength. E-liquid containing nicotine can only be sold in 10ml size bottles. Anything larger aka short fills (50ml or 100ml) will come without nicotine and you will have to buy ‘Nic Shots’ to mix in yourself. This is due to having to comply with the Tobacco Products Directive which regulate the laws involving e-liquid in the UK.


As a beginner, you may feel a little intimidated about mixing your own nicotine, however, it’s super easy to do! Simply purchase a 50ml from our amazing selection and an 18mg Nic Shot. Adding 1 Nic Shot to a 50ml bottle will bring the strength of the liquid as a whole up to 3mg. You can add more Nic Shots to build your perfect strength. Check out our guide on adding nicotine and the differences between the different types Nicotine shots, salts and everything in between!‘.


If however, you decide mixing isn’t for you, 10ml bottles are the way to go! 10ml e-liquid bottles can come in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. 18mg is the highest concentration. Heavy chain smokers may feel more satisfied with this strength, whereas casual smokers may want to stick with 3mg. It is always better to start with a lower amount and go up in strength if you feel it’s needed.


After considering all of this, it’s time to pick your flavours! Many trying to quit smoking choose a tobacco or menthol flavour to help mimic the taste of a cigarette. Whereas others choose to go a completely new direction to help them forget and enjoy the hundreds of flavours on offer. From desserts (e.g. Sweet Caramel Vanilla Custard) to fruits (e.g. Black Widow) you will be able to find something to satisfy any cravings!


VG – Vegetable Glycerin


PG – Propylene glycol


Nic Shots – 10ml of nicotine to add to your short fills

For a more detailed explanation about e-liquid check out our blog ‘Which e-liquid is the best? A guide on how to choose’.

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