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Choppavapes Nic Salts aim to offer you the highest quality E-Liquid salts on the market today and perfect for vaping on the go. Whether you are a pod vaper or enjoy a good MTL tank, our Nic Salts provide excellent flavour and even better performance meaning you can keep vaping for longer and enjoy every single vape. We have hand picked the very best brands to make sure we offer you only the highest quality on the market today. Whether you want a lovely simply flavour or a wonderfully complex one, the nic salts we have on offer will ensure we have the right one just for you. With deals on all of our ranges available, you can enjoy the best nic salts at the best prices. If you want something a little bit more simple, our disposable range will offer you the best disposable vape range that are both fantastic value and simple to use. Coming from the best brands in the UK, our disposable range will be ideal for that simple device in your pocket.

So check out our range of Nic Salt and disposable E-Liquids at Choppavapes and find your next favourite flavour.


5 for £10

Frumist Nic Salts


10mg & 20mg