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Eucalyptus is a wonderful plant that has proven to be both useful and practical around the world. Discovered in the 1770’s by explorers, modern day usage of the tree has huge range, from medicinal to industry. Depending on its location, it can even be used as a windbreak tree due to its fast growth. It can be found in paper, musical instruments and even dyes. The oil from the plant is wide spread also, from medicines, sweets and toothpaste, chances are you experience it in some way or another. Eucalyptus is even associated with animals such as koalas as a food source, it really is an amazing tree. Whether you use it as a de-decongestant, on your toothbrush or simply as an aroma, there is no denying how great it can be.

Eucalyptus flavoured E-Liquids are unique in both flavour and experience with it bringing all elements of the real thing to enhance your vaping experience. It has a strong mint like taste but can bring a slight bit of warmth to a flavour also and the flavour is extremely distinct in small amounts. It blends together fantastically with fruits such as strawberry and can really turn that plain old fruit into something truly special. Here at Choppavapes we have perfected our Eucalytus flavours to ensure we make them come to life in a big way.

So if you want something completely different to your normal flavours, why not pick up a bottle of our Eucalyptus E-Juice?


The Cooler Brother of Blue Crystal. A classic blend of perfectly mixed fruits with menthol and an icey blast with a smooth eucalyptus exhale. A very refreshing?vape!


The ultimate smooth Menthol with softened Peppermint and Eucalyptus to create an everyday vape