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Caribbean is such as wonderful flavour profile that it can take you to shores far away or simply liven up a simple style meal. The name stems from a group of islands off the coast of the American continents but its inspiration has stretched far beyond a lovely holiday abroad. Many tropical fruits are associated with the Caribbean flavour including mango, passion fruit and pineapple as well as alcoholic drinks of rum. They are associated as being bright and colourful so whether its the strong sweet flavours or the warm appearance, it can really be a delightful and exciting experience. Even within the culinary world, Caribbean inspired flavours are unique and inspiring, with plenty of elements that stem from that part of the world.

Caribbean style E-Liquids are usually strong and sweet in flavour bringing in a whole host of different fruit flavours that make your experience a little bit more tropical. Strong notes of sweet with light elements of tart can make an E-juice in this range just that little bit more exciting than your usual fruit style mixes. Here at Choppavapes we have blended together some of the very best Caribbean style flavours to give you a feeling of being sitting on a beach on the other side of the world.

If you want something fruity and designed to awaken your taste buds like nothing else can, then why not pick up a bottle of our Caribbean style E-Liquids today.


Another exotic taste of the caribbean, ripe guava finished with that icy blast we all love. It feels just like the refreshing drink.