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Candy is a worldwide sweet treat for both young and old with an infinite amount of variations depending on where you are standing. An American term, more commonly known as sweets in the UK, candy has captured the hearts of all young children that has left it a fond memory of anyone’s childhood. Packed with plenty of sweet flavours such as fruits, bubblegum or even cream, they are absolutely delicious for a little sweet treat. What makes candy such a special product is that different cultures celebrate almost completely different versions of the humble treat. Even across continents it can vary from country to country meaning that there is thousands of different candy to discover that you may not have even considered before.

Candy flavoured E-Liquid is exceptionally sweet so they are certainly a treat for the sweet tooth vaper. Whether they are simple sweet fruit style flavours or replications of a real world version, they stand out from any other style of E-juice simply for their simplicity in taste. Here at Choppavapes we have perfected the candy flavours to make sure that each one will take you back to your childhood and make each vape is a wonderful experience. Whether you want a nice fruity candy or something a little more like the real thing, we have you covered.

So if you want a flavour that is easy to vape and packed full of sweetness, why not pick up a bottle of our candy range today.


Candy Sticks Drenched in Succulent Sweet Plum and Ice, Ooh la la.


The sugar coated sweets bursting with a little more blackcurrant.


Rainbow Candy Fruit fusion on Lemonade and touch of ice


Tangy and Sour Apple Candy on Lemonade Smoothened to Make a Flavourful Vape!

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