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Blueberry is a wonderful little berry that can combine the lovely sweet notes of a fruit with a florally flavour that is both fresh and light. Blueberry is a little treat that is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins that make it an ideal snack or a great accompaniment to many different desserts. A North American native from both America and Canada, is exported throughout the world and it can be found everywhere due to its popularity. It is extremely popular in both the dessert and sweet markets and it can even be found in the beverage and alcohol markets also.

Blueberry flavoured E-Liquids are a wonderful mix of sweet and floral notes that are both refreshing and light on the tongue. They can be extremely simple but offer a completely different experience from similar berry style flavour. Blueberry flavoured E-Juices are both strong and distinct with plenty of distinct tones that make them great as an all day vape. All our Choppavapes Blueberry flavours are designed to be distinct and flavourful and expertly crafted.

Why not pick up a blueberry flavoured E-Liquid today and enjoy something completely different from any other berry flavour.


Coated in a blueberry jam glaze with light, soft and sweet chewy Doughnuts. Definitely one for the sweet tooth.


A proper Blue Slush! Mix of blueberries and raspberries mixed with a sweet syrup for a refreshing all day vape.


No foraging needed here! We?ve combined a medley of all the juicy fruits of the forest to give you a sweet berry infusion. A favourite among most!