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This all new powerhouse of a cartridge, FTP- X2, as well as the original cartridge are now ready-to-vape right out of the box! The new X2 packs a powerful punch with its record-breaking strength and brand new line of terpene blends to choose from.


Filled with sweet and fruity flavours, we know exactly why CBD gummy grab bags have been such a success. Packed with powerful broad-spectrum CBD, our gummies carry an impressive CBD hit even in low doses.


LVWell CBD vape juice is available in 4 mouth-watering flavours with 500mg of CBD in each 30ml bottle.


Orange County CBD muscle and joint balm is a great way to deliver our award-winning CBD extract deep into your muscles. This naturally fast-absorbing formulation ensures that you receive a targeted dose of CBD exactly where it is needed most. Orange County has worked hard to make sure our CBD muscle and joint balm will give you all the benefits of a CBD dose and a conventional topical rub without sacrificing either.


LVWell CBD Raw Oral 2000mg contains a specially selected blend of extracts and distillates dissolved in a carrier fluid


Chefs CBD Disposables bringing amazing flavour with some of the best cbd Melon Energy – A mix of Melons combine in an energy drink style flavour, creating a strong & refreshing profile. Cherry energy- Sweet Cherries in an energy drink style flavour base. Sweet, fruity and full of energy. Eisenberry – A Classic among vapers [...]


CBD E-Liquid

Tasty CBD


Tasty CBD vaping liquids is a fabulous range of juices manufactured in Malaysia by the same company behind all Tasty brands.


Orange County CBD gummy embody some of the very best traits of our CBD gummies range, offering you a mix of delicious flavours in a classic shape. Entirely vegan friendly and utterly irresistible.


LVWell CBD massage oil is a 100ml bottle containing 300mg of winterized cannabis oil. For best results, warm the oil just above room temperature


Here at Choppa, we use only the finest Broad-Spectrum CBD extract, where many manufacturers opt for CBD isolate we want our customers to experience the full effects of the CBD.


With Orange County CBD muscle and joint balm, there's never been a better way to deliver a powerful dose of CBD exactly where you need it. Formulated for fast and effective absorption, this incredible topical will help to give you that perfect post-workout support.


At Orange County CBD we’re proud to say that our CBD oils are some of our finest work. Lean, effective, and supremely potent, our CBD oil is one of the best of them all.  


From the award-winning LVWell CBD team comes the UK's first major broad-spectrum disposable CBD Vape device.

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These bath bombs have been specially hand-made for LVWell CBD and contain 500mg of Full Spectrum Extract, 100mg of CBD, and real essential oils

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